Voluntary team to be established to help maintain an 18th century fortification in Gosport.

Portsmouth & Gosport History are continuing their work with the Portsmouth Naval Base Property Trust to ensure the long-term accessibility of Priddy’s Hard Ramparts by launching a volunteer maintenance team.


In conjunction with stakeholders across sectors, Portsmouth & Gosport History are looking to attract a voluntary based team to help maintain the 18th century historic fortification in Priddy’s Hard Gosport. 


In 1776, the Ordnance Board and the First Lord of the Admiralty decided to relocate gunpowder storage from the Square Tower, Portsmouth, to Priddy’s Hard, where the ramparts served as a blast wall to protect the surrounding area from the occasional accidental explosions which in Portsmouth had been the cause of great loss of life.


The Portsmouth Naval Base Property Trust, Historic England, Gosport Borough Council, Portsmouth & Gosport History and stakeholders are keen to see the fortification maintained and preserved to allow current and future generations to experience the historic wonders of the site’s long history. 


Members of the community are encouraged, especially ex service people, to come forward and join the voluntary team by speaking to Portsmouth & Gosport History.

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