Trader regulations




No site is reserved until full payment has been received by the Portsmouth & Gosport History Group; this includes cleared cheques to our bank. All reasonable requests and instructions from the show secretary or via the show marshals will be mandatory. The PGH officials reserve the right to refuse entry or have traders removed at their discretion, any monies paid will returned, pro rata, without reason for this refusal offered or implied.




The traders shall hold Public Liability insurance available

upon request at all times, and shall indemnify the organizers against all claims and actions in respect of any personal injury whether fatal or otherwise, also any damage, theft or losswhich may be caused or occasioned in connection with the show, and against all costs and proceedings arising thereof.




This will be at the discretion of the organizers, pitches will be

allocated according to the field layout, and each trader will be directed to his numbered pitch. Entry number is the plot number, and will be displayed on the site map.




The stall and its accessories must be set-up within the marked area, no

stalls are allowed in the vehicle exhibit lines. Stalls and goods must not encroach into the access gangways or into the pitch separation safety space; light guy ropes are not exempt from the latter.




Traders will be allowed on site approximately one days before the event, and by

request may stay for a day after if necessary. No vehicle movements during show opening hours & after 8pm.




Ensure you book-in with the marshal on arrival. The directions and requests of the

show marshals are not negotiable, and these rules apply to everyone in your group. The

location map is available, and the site will be sign posted from the major routes and the A3M.




All stallholders will be issued with two free vehicle passes to enter the

showground, and two stallholder passes/wristbands. Additional passes are at gate

prices. All support vehicles are to be parked in the public car park as directed; only a stall vehicle and/or a caravan will be allowed in stall space – all to be within the stall lines including goods on display. A vehicle may be advertised for sale, but must state a price and where the vendor may be contacted.




No trader may move their stand once allocated, no vehicles may move in

the trade area during public opening 09:00 to 17:00. Any deliveries must be prior to 09:00 or after 17:00 on show days, please contact a marshal if these times are inconvenient. Dogs/cats/pets must always be kept on a lead.




For security the vehicle entry gates will be closed and locked between

23:00 and 07:00, should you require access during these times, please contact site security, their contact phone number can be found on the rear of your traders vehicle passes.




All waste must be bagged and placed in the bins provided. Please recycle as much

as possible. 




Traders may pitch camp on their allocated area.




Traders may not have P.A. systems, music or other noises coming from their stands. Music demonstrations may be permitted at the organizer’s




No pyrotechnics of any kind will be allowed or offered for sale.




All weapons on display and for sale may be checked for de-act

certification at any time. All weapons and ammunition must have inert certificates.

Traders MUST provide black bags or similar to cover sold de-activated weapons since no person is permitted to carry any weapon around the public areas.




We have been informed that HSE has banned the sale of all historic gas masks

as the filters contain asbestos. As a result, we must reluctantly ban all traders from

displaying, selling and bringing any type of historic gas masks with or without filter/s onto the show grounds. Any trader not complying with this request will be asked to leave the show ground immediately, as HSE will issue a hefty fine to the show organiser and trader for breaking this legislation.




Contact any show marshals, we have trained first-aid personnel on-site

during show days, also the local public services are aware of the event and location.




All traders must complete a fire risk assessment, which must be available for

inspection. This document must cover the topics as shown in the Overlord Fire Risk

Assessment, see appendix. All caravans, motor homes, trade stalls and tents must have appropriate extinguishers readily available outside the living, trading area vehicle, smoke alarms are recommended in sleeping areas. Fully operational fire appliances are on site. Please take extra care with B-B-Q’s; 



We have a bar on site with entertainment on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings,

the barman supports the show by purchasing the concession, so please

DO NOT take your own drinks into the marquee, he has the right to refuse entry.




Notice of event cancellation will be announced at the time the committee has agreed it necessary, but no later than 3 days prior to show start date with all pitch payments refunded in full within 30 days. Should the cancellation be announced during show dates no refund will be given.

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