Standing Orders - Under the Blitz

Under the Blitz Wartime Weekend
Reenactors at Rampart Open Day 2022

We aim to run a friendly and relaxed event with the minimum of regulations, but some
rules are needed to ensure a trouble-free time for all attendees. This document is subject to change without notice. 


All exhibitors must ensure that their vehicles are maintained in a safe and roadworthy


Vehicles will be issued with a vehicle pass upon booking-in. Please display this pass
prominently on the vehicle at all times. Wristbands will also be issued to exhibitors and
should be worn at all times.


Vehicles must move through the showground only in accordance with the regulations
below and movement through public areas is strongly discouraged during open hours.
Should the weather be wet and the ground soft you will be asked not to move your
vehicle; this is both to keep the ground acceptable to foot traffic and to minimize mud
on the road. Headlamps should be illuminated and horn or siren warnings considered.


Vehicles must be driven at a responsible speed, never exceeding 5 mph (15 mph in the
arena) and having full regard to the number of people present. You are reminded
that Sections 1, 2 and 3 of the Road Traffic Act apply and you could be
prosecuted for driving recklessly if it was considered that you endangered the
lives of others.


Tracked vehicles must not move through public areas without authorization. At least
four safety marshals (one at each corner), wearing high visibility clothing, must be
present to supervise members of the public and ensure that there is a 2 metre public
safety exclusion zone around the moving vehicle. All tracked vehicles must have a
commander, with whom the driver shall be in constant communication.


Motorcycles, Quadbikes, ATVs, or mini-motos must not be used on the show site unless
they are in a safe, serviceable condition with all guards in place, insured, and only
driven by those licensed to do so.


Any vehicle being driven at the show must be controlled by an approved and
authorized person for that class of vehicle, who is driving with the full permission of
the owner, is insured and above all, is familiar with that particular vehicle. At no time
may a child or a non-licence holder be in charge or control of any vehicle left with
ignition keys in place or with the engine or machinery in motion.


Owners must ensure that their vehicles are insured to the minimum legal requirements
for use on the road. It is advised that owners seek to obtain additional cover for ‘off
road’ use and that all drivers are similarly covered. It is the responsibility of the driver
to confirm insurance cover with the owner before taking charge of a vehicle. Normal
road insurance does not necessarily apply at ‘off road’ events. Bring your certificate(s)
with you for possible inspection.


If any vehicle has restricted vision, a responsible adult must act as vehicle commander.
He/she must be in voice contact with the driver. It is the commander’s responsibility to
ensure passenger safety, especially when persons are mounting or dismounting the
vehicle which should be done other than by using the tracks or wheels as footrests
wherever possible.


Drivers must ensure that any projections outside the normal overall width, length and
height of their vehicle, such as whip aerials or ring-mounted replica machine-guns, are
properly secured before moving off, especially when moving through crowds. Drivers
should be particularly aware of overhead power lines.


No vehicle must carry more passengers than the number of seats on that vehicle. They
must be correctly seated and children properly supervised. No passengers or crew may
be carried on the exterior of armoured or tracked vehicles under any circumstances.


There must be absolutely no discharge of any firearm, barreled weapon, thunder flash
or other explosive device at the event without prior agreement of the organisers. No
blank rounds or pyrotechnics may be brought onto the site without prior permission.
Live, replica and deactivated guns must comply with relevant legislation and
documentation must be provided for possible inspection. Bayonets, knives and other
bladed articles may be unsheathed only as part of a static display of weapons and
equipment and must never be left unattended. Any weapons in violation of this will be
promptly removed from site, along with the offending exhibitor, and information passed
onto relevant authorities.


Uniforms should not be worn outside the showground. Exhibitors wearing unit insignia,
rank badges and/or medal ribbons for which they have not been issued/awarded should
ensure they do not give wrongfully the impression that they have been awarded such
honors otherwise their actions may constitute an offence under the Fraud Act 2006.
Uniforms should be worn correctly and in context.

No Nazi symbols are permitted but living history groups/re-enactors in SS
combat/field uniforms are allowed at the discretion of the committee.
Allgemeine uniform is specifically banned; failure to comply can lead to
expulsion from the show ground.


No loud noise, music, or running of generators permitted on the site between the hours
of 23:00 and 08:00. All generators must comply with current legislation including the
use of ground spikes.
All exhibitors are deemed to be responsible for the behaviour of their invited guests
and general entourage. Whether driving, being carried as a passenger or performing
duties as outlined above, standards of deportment and politeness must be maintained
so that the show and organisers are presented to the public in a caring and responsible
manner. Please leave toilets and other shared facilities in the state you would wish to
find them.


All exhibitors must carry a suitable, modern type fire extinguisher on their vehicles and
tent/stall space. Any campfires or barbeques should be contained. 


Military tentage is preferred but you may use civilian tents in your MV display area if
they are suitably camouflaged. Uncamouflaged support vehicles and caravans must be
placed in the public carpark or other designated area during show opening hours.


The vehicle exhibitors field will have standard sized pitches (5m width x 9m depth
minimum) marked out and exhibitors must stick to a single pitch per vehicle application.
Exceptionally large vehicles will be given leniency if more space is required. Multiple
vehicles may be present on the same pitch. Exhibitors will be asked to rectify illegal
encroachment of space immediately. Failure to do so may result in applications being
rejected in following years.
Pitches are not pre-allocated, and are available on a first come first served basis. In
general, the show team will not take “reservations”, however, the show team may
“allocate” pitch space for use by exhibitors should it deem necessary.


Exhibitors must not reserve space for fellow exhibitors who have not yet arrived. It is
common that groups of friends may wish to pitch together but this must be indicated
on the booking form(s) and all members of a pitching group should strive to arrive at
the same time. Groups should pitch immediately adjacent to each other.


Members of the public like to be able to take photographs with minimal clutter in the
background. Where possible pitches should be laid out with tents and support vehicles
to the rear to provide at least one clean angle of the exhibiting vehicle.


We would request that exhibitors do not erect physical boundaries across the front of
their pitches, unless absolutely necessary. It discourages interaction between exhibitors
and the public, and may discourage them from viewing exhibits up close. Boundaries
along the edge or back of pitches for privacy or protection from the elements may be
used but they must not be in front of vehicles. Partial boundaries for banners along the
front may be permitted providing they do not block exhibits from view.


You are reminded that the show is open to the general public and the organisers cannot
accept any responsibility for loss of, or damage to your vehicle and/or its contents. If
you leave your vehicle unattended we strongly recommend that you arrange for
someone with an adjacent vehicle to watch over yours. The vehicle entry gates will be
closed and locked between 2300 and 0800 for security, if you reasonably need access
outside these times please make prior arrangements with us.


Please keep your pitch tidy! All waste must be bagged and placed in the bins provided.
Please recycle as much as possible.


Dogs must always be kept on a lead and all mess picked up and disposed of. Handlers
must always be in full control and should ensure minimal nuisance to other exhibitors.
Failure to do so may result removal from the show site. Note that the arena events
feature loud noises that may frighten animals.
BB and Airsoft Guns
BB and airsoft guns should not be brought to the show except for the purpose of
display/re-enactment to which the VCR act applies. The discharging of rounds may
not occur. Failure to comply may result in your removal from the showground.


In the event of an emergency please contact the closest show marshal or call the site
emergency number shown on the rear of your vehicle pass. We have trained first aid
personnel on site for the duration of the show. In extreme emergencies call 999, the
local emergency services are aware of the show and location. If the emergency
services have been dispatched, please make sure we are aware of this by calling the
site emergency number, so we may prepare for their arrival. 


Sections 1 firearms must be declared and stored securely by the FAC holder, or by the
onsite armourer with by prior agreement, when not in use. Section 1 firearms may only
be handled by the FAC holder during and when travelling to or from a prearranged
arena event. All relevant certificates must be brought to the show for potential
Blank firing weapons must be securely stored by the owner when not in use.
No firearm of any kind may be loaded or discharged outside of the arena, unless
approved by the show team.


Any lost or theft of any form of section 1, blank firing or deactivated fire or VCR related
items must be reported to security or show team as soon as possible. All of the above
could be highly dangerous if picked up by a member of the public or an unauthorized
person. Serious cases will be reported to the respective authorities.


All participants of arena events involving pyrotechnics must wear some form of
protective headgear.


All weapons entering and exiting the area will be inspected by the section 5.


These standing orders are designed to implement a reasonable standard of health and
safety in order to protect all persons on site. Be aware that a number of the regulations
are not necessarily intended to protect you from your own actions, but to protect
others. Health and safety is everyone’s responsibility. If you see unsafe behavior, it is
your responsibility to intervene, if it is safe to do so, or to inform a marshal as soon as
Infringement of these Standing Orders will be dealt with by the show officer present at
the time of the offence and subsequently may be reported for further action if
considered necessary. The acceptance of your entry and presence on site indicates that
you have read, understood and agreed to abide by these Standing Orders.

Event Policy has been created by working with our partners and stakeholders. Credit Portsmouth & Gosport History Event Team and Montserrat Events – Lee Victory Festival Living History Team

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