Gosport D-Day Fellowship is now affiliated with Portsmouth & Gosport History

Gosport D-Day Fellowship is joining Portsmouth & Gosport History

Portsmouth & Gosport History is committed to helping communities to discover history on their doorsteps and a key part of our local story is the memory of the men and women that left our shores to liberate Europe during the Second World War.

The Gosport D-Day Fellowship is an important part of telling this story. 

We are doubling down on our commitment to work across sectors and offer different opportunities for our local story to be recognised. 


William Donaldson, Chairman of Portsmouth & Gosport History said: “I was keen to support the Fellowship and Malcolm Chapman to help continue educating the community of the area’s D-Day history. It is vital to the wider story that the memory of June 6th and the weeks and months prior and after are not forgotten but highlighted and told. I am positive we can make progress on this and we all look forward to this new chapter where we support the Fellowship.”


Both parties are keen to work on some issues faced during the fithteen years that the Fellowship has been active and the combination of the Fellowship and Portsmouth & Gosport History will allow progress on aims outlined in the affiliation document. 

Ellis Diggle, Historian at Portsmouth & Gosport History added: “The combination of our groups resources and experience will be very beneficial for both parties and ensure the longevity of the Gosport D-Day fellowship.”

The Gosport D-Day Fellowship also added: “We are keen to work with the team at Portsmouth & Gosport History to bolster the awareness of D-Day locally and we look forward to this new venture.”



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