Welcome to C Magazine

We are delighted to introduce our new headquarters, C-Magazine, a building steeped in history, built in 1861, and located in the historic quarter of Gosport, Priddy’s Hard.


C Powder (60 Tons) Magazine - our new historic home.

C-Magazine is nestled in the heart of the historic quarter of Gosport, Priddy’s Hard. This prime location immerses visitors in the rich historical fabric of Portsmouth and Gosport. Situated in the former Royal Naval Armament Depot  Priddy’s Hard, C-Magazine provides a perfect starting point for exploring the captivating stories of the region and the development of our organisation.

A Hub for History Enthusiasts

C-Magazine will serve as the vibrant hub for history enthusiasts, scholars, researchers, and the local community. We are curating an extensive collection of historical artifacts, documents, photographs, and multimedia presentations that showcase the evolution and significance of Portsmouth and Gosport throughout the ages. 

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