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We preserve and promote the local history of Portsmouth and Gosport through storytelling. We engage the public with immersive events and offer educational opportunities. 


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At Rampart Open Days, Wartime Weekends, History Week, and Pop-up stalls, we’re dedicated to enlightening our community about our rich history. These events offer a chance for people of all ages to explore and discover our shared heritage. Through guided tours, interactive exhibits, historical reenactments, and hands-on activities, attendees can immerse themselves in the past. Additionally, our pop-up stalls in public spaces provide mini-exhibitions and opportunities for community engagement. By fostering a connection with history, we aim to inspire curiosity and promote a greater appreciation for our diverse narratives.


We’ve undertaken captivating projects, delving into intriguing stories and historical events. From unearthing untold voices from the Falklands War to exploring the wartime experiences of HMS Daedulus, our work has been both interesting and fascinating. Through meticulous research and documentation, we’ve shed light on these significant chapters in history, preserving the memories and experiences for future generations to learn from and appreciate.


Partnerships play a vital role in Portsmouth & Gosport History. We’ve collaborated with companies like Wessex Archaeology and others to bring forth exciting projects and initiatives. Through these partnerships, we’ve uncovered fascinating historical discoveries and curated engaging events. By working together, we continue to explore, preserve, and share the rich heritage of Portsmouth and Gosport, inspiring a deeper appreciation for our collective past.

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Help us maintain the 18th-century Historic Ramparts

We're establishing a voluntary team to help maintain the 18th-century Ramparts in Priddy's Hard and we need your help! As the growing season begins, we're looking to attract a team of volunteers to help us keep the site maintained and accessible throughout the year. Join a friendly team and volunteer within this 18th-century fortification; get to grips with not only the shrubs but the immense history of the site.

Gosport D-Day Fellowship is now affiliated with Portsmouth & Gosport History

Rampart open days - major success

Rampart Open Day 2022 has been a massive success across the entire board! Working with our partners and stakeholders to develop and connect various networks across the history sector in one place–helping you to discover the history on your doorstep - for free! 60+ voluntary hours given. 1000+ visitors in 6 hours. 10+ volunteers. 6 unique display areas.

Volunteer opportunities

We offer a mixed range of opportunites for local communites to be directly involved with the history on their doorsteps.

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Rampart Open Day 2022

In partnership with the Portsmouth Naval Base Property Trust we have opened the historic fortification on five occasions.

We have welcomed over


visitors in 2022

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